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Oct 5, 2017

From our Exhibitors: The P.A. People - Australian Event Awards 2017 Event Communications Partner

Delivering integrated communications systems in an evolving, dynamic, live environment is critical for our major event clients. Leading creative and technical producers and production companies trust us to get it right; we work with GBE, Five Currents, Jack Morton Worldwide, David Atkins Enterprises, City of Sydney, The Australian Grand Prix Corporation, Fairfax Events and many other organisations.

Examples of critical comms:

  • allowing 1500 crew members to communicate to create a single dazzling ceremony in Baku
  • enabling approx. 270,000 Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix fans to hear Race commentary over a 4 day event
  • ensuring 7 tonnes of fireworks are fired at the right time for Sydney’s New Year’s Eve
  • managing 80,000 starters for City2Surf

The P.A. People is the world's major independent supplier of large scale event communications systems and equipment; independent because we are not a manufacturer. The P.A. People coined the term Event Communications after the Sydney Olympics, to describe our integration of various forms of technology which enable event practitioners to interact with each other and their patrons. We integrate these solutions into a seamless communication system and deliver the infrastructure to manage them.

“Comms is all about the end-user experience - and The P.A. People know how to make that a good experience."
Nick Eltis from Technick

We look forward to discussing your Event Communications needs with you.

Visit: / E: [email protected] / P: 02.8755 8700