In-Depth Sessions

We are delighted to announce that below speakers will be joining us on the Sunshine Coast in September 2017.

In-Depth sessions are workshop sessions providing a detailed and practical look at specific topics for event planning and delivery.

Speakers will be added to this page as they are announced.

Crowd Safety Analysis

This workshop will include an introduction to crowd safety risks, traditional approaches and contemporary suggestions for assessing them and monitoring and assessing crowd behaviour, before working through an example of how to put crowd safety strategies into practice. The workshop includes time for discussion and questions about each aspect covered.

Session Takeaways:
  • Identifying the crowd safety risks
  • How to monitor and assess crowd behaviour
  • How to put crowd safety strategies in place for your event

Dr Aldo Raineri

Discipline Leader – Occupational Health & Safety, CQ University

Dr Aldo Raineri is currently the Discipline Leader in occupational health and safety at CQ University. He holds undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in law, management, criminology, training and development, safety and security management. His current research interests focus on crowd safety and event safety management.

Prior to commencing with CQ University, Aldo was the Director – WHS Policy & Legislation with the Queensland work health and safety regulator.

Aldo is also the managing director and principal consultant for Eventsafe, a health and safety consultancy specialising in the live entertainment sector.


Designing to future-proof your event

The session will introduce key principles of event design and how applying these to your event can help to future-proof your event in today's - and tomorrow's - highly competitive environment.

The workshop will include practical, real world examples of event design principles and techniques and case studies of events that survive over the long term and events that have imploded and died.

Session Takeaways:
  • Key techniques for capturing, engaging and retaining your audience
  • Strategies for creating and staging events that are sustainable over long periods
  • Understanding when to advance, when to retreat and when to surrender an event

Steve Brown

Associate Professor, Flinders University

A highly-respected event designer, producer and marketer, Steve Brown has a wide range of events to his credit, consulting on event design and management for events such as the Big Day Out in Adelaide and the Royal Adelaide Show as well as other events around Australia and across the world. He is currently the Event Safety Officer for WOMADelaide. An Adjunct Associate Professor at Flinders University in South Australia, Steve is internationally recognised in the field of event design research and practice. Steve’s research focusses on audience behaviour and he also publishes extensively on the topics of planning and designing events. His first textbook, Event Design: creating and staging the event experience, was published in 2009. Steve was a founding member of the Event Design Research Network and the International Event Studies Academy. He was Chair of the Global Events Congress VI held in Adelaide in July 2014 and has been a judge of the Australian Event Awards.


Event Operations: A Focus on Security

With security a key focus at events, this workshop will take you through the stages of organising and implementing appropriate security for your event including the following session takeaways:

  • Identifying the security needs of your event
  • Working with a licenced consultant to develop an Event Security Management Plan, including what information you need to provide them with
  • Implementing the Event Security Management Plan with your security contractor
  • On-the-ground implementation

Travis Semmens

Managing Director, ACES Group

Travis Semmens has more than 18 years’ security operations experience and has a respected international reputation as a Security Specialist and is an Expert Licensed Security Consultant. Travis is the Managing Director of Australian Concert and Entertainment Security (ACES), a specialised service provider of contract managed staffing solutions to public facilities and events, a niche risk management consultant via Avert Risk Management Services including workplace safety and public safety consultancy. He routinely engages with national event and security industry regulators for planning security for public event activities (both private and government). Travis is a former Industry Representative of the NSW Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate (SLED) Advisory Council and is a member of the Australian Security Industry Association Ltd (ASIAL) National Manpower Special Interest Group.

Travis possesses national and international experience in both planning and managing security operations including for major high risk mass gathering entertainment events (up to 120,000 pax), for Australia’s largest multi-day event the Sydney Royal Easter Show (950,000 visitors), and major public mass gatherings including Vivid Sydney, New Year’s Eve and Australia Day.

Travis has advanced qualifications in Security and Risk Management, Work Health and Safety, Emergency Management and Traffic Management and is a Licensed Security Consultant.


Cabaret Communications: Where the art of cabaret meets corporate communication

You may well ask what Cabaret has to do with Corporate Communications. Cabaret is a lost art which delivers the power of a live performance in a world that now hides behind a veil of technology. Mastering the art of a live cabaret performance will maximize your communication potential by empowering you with dynamic presentation techniques to achieve greater audience impact, presentation confidence, communication awareness, delivery dynamics, commanding presence, self-confidence and create a room-energy around you.

Cabaret Communications is a specifically designed interactive workshop that analyses the skills and tools of a live performance and adapts them to the workplace through the joy of performance music and fun.

Session Takeaways:
  • Improve your communication potential
  • Develop a commanding presence
  • Increase your presentation confidence and self-confidence and create a room-energy around you

Al Styne

Cabaret Performer/Singer/Song Writer/Entertainer/Television Presenter/Sales & Marketing Professional

In over a four decade show business career as a professional entertainer Al has performed in major cabaret venues throughout Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA. Included in his credits are hundreds of television appearances with such greats as Graham Kennedy, Bobby Limb, Brian Henderson, Mike Walsh, Don Lane, Bert Newton to name a few, a multitude of voice over and commercial work and the release of recordings in Australia and the USA.

As the Cruise Ship industry began to expand Al embraced the business first as an on-board guest entertainer and then as Cruise Director working on various ships worldwide. A move into the corporate world to take up the position of Manager of Entertainment and Passenger programs for P&O Cruises required Al to create, set up and successfully manage the on-board entertainment and passenger programs. By utilising his performance experience Al was able to achieve consistently high satisfaction scores by providing leadership, the highest level of morale & motivation, promoting a winning spirit and an environment where progressive, efficient best management practices were applied always taking into account differences in cultural ethnicity and personality.

Al has been involved corporately in other projects including as Operations, Marketing and Public Relations Manager for a successful dental chain with a specific brief to expand and grow in order to be acquired by an overseas multinational. More recently he has concentrated on the booming real estate market both in sales, marketing and strata management.

Al is convinced that his strong communication skills were derived from the years of live cabaret performances which enabled him to develop negotiation and mediation skills, the ability to coordinate multiple projects, product development, marketing campaigns and the ability to foster relationships both personal and commercial.

Billie Wilde

Singer/Entertainer/Television and Stage Performer/Teacher/Coach and Author

In an outstanding show business career spanning over four decades Billie Wilde has carved out a unique, brilliant and inspirational footprint in the entertainment industry.

Billie has performed in major cabaret venues throughout Australia and internationally including the USA, Canada and South America.

Nominated for two Mo Awards, Billie has performed in concerts with such stars as Frankie Laine, Ronnie Corbett, Nelson Sardelli, Peter Allen, Kamal, Barry Crocker and James Morrison to name a few. Her highlight is still performing with Frank Sinatra at the opening of Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast to a live audience of 55,000 people.

Her guest television appearances on virtually every Australian TV variety show are too numerous to mention and include working with such television personalities as Don Lane, Mike Walsh, Ray Martin, Kerrie-Anne Kennerley, Darryl Somers and Bert Newton.

Billie has also performed many lead roles in musical theatre including such musicals as Cabaret, Hello Dolly, Phantom of the Opera, 42nd Street, The Wizard of Oz and The Wiz.

As a teacher of voice and drama Billie has based her own method of voice production/control on the principal of “freedom of voice” following the works of Don Grayden (Billie’s late father), a much respected vocal coach and author of The Mind Behind The Voice.

Billie’s own book titled How Mice Can Roar is to be released in September 2017.

Billie attributes her success both artistically and corporately to the skills of communication acquired through hundreds of live cabaret performances. As a successful entertainer, teacher and businesswoman Billie has managed to utilize these skills in negotiations, promotions and delegation, all essential in a successful self-managed career.